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Most Expensive Car Ever

Most Expensive Car Ever

For those that have more money than they can ever spend, looking for a way to buy the ultimate everything must be difficult. The most expensive car ever is made to help fulfill that need to have the best of the best. For the purposes of this article, we are not talking about classics or auctions – this is the most expensive car ever offered from the factory.

The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is a car that can definitely complete all of those checkbox items. “Trevita” is a word that means nothing in English, but in Swedish it is an abbreviation that translates into “three whites”. The car is called that due to a breakthrough in technology regarding the visible carbon weave bodywork. Prior to this car, the only color and style option for carbon fiber was a charcoal black pattern. Koenigsegg developed a new and unique coated fiber solution that transforms the traditional black fibers into a sparkling and silvery white. When the sunlight hits the body panels, they sparkle, and it looks like it is covered by millions of tiny white diamonds. This is due to this new process that is unique to this car.

Most Expensive Car Ever

Other Unique Features

The Trevita also features other unique features, such as a double carbon rear wing, inconell nickel-chromium-based superalloy exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes, paddle shifter, chrono instrument cluster, infotainment system, and hydraulic lifting system. The car was originally built to be one of only 3 collectible limited editions, meant to showcase what Koenigsegg can do. However, they decided to go even more ridiculous, and make only 2 of these. If you were planning on rushing out to buy one, I am afraid you are too late. The most expensive car ever made is already sold out.

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Most Expensive Car Ever

 Let’s take a look at the Tech Specs for a moment.


  • Acceleration: 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds
  • Top Speed: 254+ mph
  • Lateral G-force: 1.5 G
  • Fuel consumption:
  • Weight distribution: 45% front, 55% rear

most expensive carChassis

  • Carbon fibre with aluminium honeycomb and integrated fuel tanks for optimal weight distribution and safety.
  • Monocoque torsional rigidity: 58,000 nm/degree. Weight including tanks: 72 kg.
  • Front and rear suspension: Double wishbones, two-way adjustable VPS gas-hydraulic shock absorbers, pushrod operated.
  • Electronically adjustable ride height.
  • Front: Cro-Mo subframe, with integrated crash members.
  • Rear: Semi-stressed engine and gearbox with support struts, for optimal rigidity and no engine inertia movements.
  • Fully machined aircraft aluminium uprights, with SKF LeMans specification 150mm angle contact ball bearings.
  • GKN hollow/gun-drilled driveshafts.
  • Koenigsegg Z-style progressive and lightweight anti-roll bars front and rear.


  • Specially developed transversal paddle-shift gearbox
  • Torque sensitive limited slip differential.


  • Front brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs 8-piston light alloy Brembo monoblock calipers
  • Rear brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs 6-piston light alloy AP Racing callipers

Traction Control

  • F1-style for optimal performance with 5 different handling modes.


  • Koenigsegg aluminium V8, 4,8 L, 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts
  • Compression: 9.2:1
  • Sequential, multipoint fuel injection Twin Rotrex centrifugal superchargers with response system, 1.6 bar boost pressure
  • Dry sump lubrication with oil spray piston cooling
  • Power output: 1018 Horsepower at 7000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 796 ft/lb at 5600 rpm
  • Carbon fibre intake manifold with optimised intake tracts
  • Patented response charge system for optimal engine response
  • Tig-welded inconell exhaust system manifold with merge collector


  • Front: 19” x 9.5”
  • Rear: 20” x 12.5”


  • Michelin Pilot Sport 2
  • Unidirectional with asymmetric tread pattern
  • Front: 255/35 – 19” (Y)
  • Rear: 335/30 – 20” (Y)


  • Visible shimmering diamond weave carbon body, paddle-shift, inconel exhaust system, rear parking sensor, dual airbags, double carbon wing, winglets, large front splitter, detachable stowable hardtop with glass roof, power windows, adjustable pedals and steering column, adjustable seats in rake and length, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, hydraulic lifting system, power steering, power brakes, satnav, MP3 Player, USB connection, climate control, digital warning and info system, G sensor, alarm, tyre monitoring system, silver key, leather carpets, roof stowage bag, car cover, forged aluminium wheels and chrono instrument cluster.

Most Expensive Car Ever

By the way, they only made one convertible and one hard top version of this car, so the price is not cheap. If you happen to have $4.8million lying around, you could possibly convince Koenigsegg to sell it to you. This is why this is the Most Expensive Car Ever. Comment down below if you think this supercar is worth this much!

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