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2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

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2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Fellow gearheads, today I am going to show you an amazing concept car that I believe almost any gearhead would love to have, regardless of brand affiliation. This is a tribute to the original monster that started it all…the AC Cobra. Today, let’s look at the 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept car. The 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept was designed to be a tribute to the original AC Cobra of the 1960s, but using modern technology to make it even hotter than it was – if that is even possible.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Good Ideas

The car was designed to look similar to the original AC Cobra, but it was totally new in design. They borrowed some ideas from the team that developed the Ford GT, such as the aluminum frame and suspension configuration. The GT team had already worked out a lot of the kinks of building a car like this, so they leaned heavily on that department for help.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Fire Breathing Power Plant



2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept


When paying tribute to the venerable Cobra, you cannot cut corners, As such, the team decided to “go big or go home”. The nuclear powerplant – I mean engine, for this beast is a 6.4 liter 390 cubic inch big block V10. No, that is not a typo – a V10 390!. This powerplant featured double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, and was all aluminum. As a nod to the original 427, they gave it functional velocity stack intakes to give it even more power. The V10 390 put out 605 horsepower. Just a little reminder, this is a car the size of a Mazda Miata!

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Imagine how much fun it would be to have a V10 390 with 605 horsepower in a car the size of a Miata…


This car was made to go fast. It was not a luxury car.  When you talk about a spartan interior, this is what should come to mind. The car did not have a roof, or side windows, or a radio. It was basically another way of paying tribute to the original. It is a barebones, tiny roadster with a behemoth power plant that is made to go from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I can only imagine hearing that V10 wide open on a track with no windows and no top. I beat that was why it didn’t have a radio – it would be impossible to hear it over the roar of the engine! Besides, who would want a radio in this car? The tilt forward hood reminds me a lot of a 1980s Corvette, which is really cool! I love this car, and would totally buy it!


Ford even stated it was a ‘production feasible’ car, and they had the technology to build it. There was no mention of what the price would be, but my guess is “a lot”. Sadly, they never decided to build it, for some reason. I can only hope that one day they will revive this bad boy and make it street legal. Hey, Ford, if you decide to revive this project and need someone to test drive it, contact me here.

Let me know down below in the comments what you think about this car. Is it something you would like to have?

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