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Most Expensive Truck Ever

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Most Expensive Truck Ever

Ford recently announced their new F450 Super Duty Truck, and it is a pretty impressive truck. It is billed as the most expensive truck ever. The astounding price has many people shocked. Ford says it is the most expensive mass-produced consumer pickup truck ever to drive off the assembly line.
Most Expensive Truck EverI was surprised to see the price of the most expensive car ever. I thought I would also talk about the Most Expensive Truck Ever, as well. Ford trucks come in various sizes: F150, F250, F350, and F450. The F450 is the biggest and most heavy duty of them all. This new version of the F450 truck comes with a special grille that is described as “satin chrome”. The truck also has power running boards that drop down as the door is opened, which is nice since the truck requires a significant step up to get into the cab.

Luxury Interior

The interior is as luxurious as a luxury car, with features such as real wood trim, 2 tone leather, premium 10 speaker sound system, heated and cooled massaging seats, and a panoramic moonroof. It also features active cruise control which automatically maintans a set distance behind the cars ahead of you on the road. This truck is practically a luxury car!

Limited Series

These sets of options come on the Limited package, which is the most luxurious option set possible. Other options for big trucks include the King Ranch, Lariat, and Platinum editions. This is the first time the Limited package was offered on an F450. Ford says the reason for this is that half of all Super Duty trucks are sold to individuals, as opposed to corporate fleets. This is why they believe these luxury option packcages will be popular on the F450 trucks.


The cheapest Super Duty F250 starts at just $32,000 which is very reasonable for a heavy duty truck. This F450 Limited truck, however, can be outfitted with all the luxury options already mentioned above. In addition, you can add 4×4, the off-road package, dual rear wheels, diesel engine, and other options. The top notch F450 with all of these options comes in at a staggering $95,000. By time you pay tax, title, and license, you are in for over $100,000. I would imagine this truck is tailored to people hauling expensive race cars and RVs, not farm and ranch purposes. This truck costs more than a lot of luxury sedans! This truly is the Most Expensive Truck Ever. Do you own this truck? If not, would you pay that much for a truck like this? Let us know down below in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I would never get this thing muddy if I paid that much for a truck.

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