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Mercedes Benz Announces New Pickup Truck Offering

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Mercedes Benz Announces New Pickup Truck Offering

Wait, what? Did I read that right? Mercedes-Benz makes a Pickup truck? Yes, that is correct. No, this is not April Fools day. Granted, I would not expect to see this at your local feed store anytime soon, but it is actually being made. It is made to compete in a market that Lincoln and Cadillac offererd years ago and found to be less than successful. Full size trucks dominate the family vehicle market – especially here in Texas. If you still think this is a joke, click here to read the official writeup from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz showed off two versions of the truck, called the X-class, at a presentation in Stockholm, Sweden. The first Mercedes Pickup shown was outfitted for off-road use. The other truck was more of a high-end luxury model with a wood-trimmed interior and features you would expect in a Mercedes. Customers will have lots of features to choose from to outfit their truck with options normally seen in high end luxury cars.

Mercedes Pickup Truck

Luxury, Not A Work Truck

This truck is not likely to compete in the work truck market, however. The top end truck will offer a 6 cylinder diesel and full time 4 wheel drive. They are intended to compete with trucks like the GMC Sierrra Denali and the Ford F-150 Limited. These trucks currently offer luxury in a rugged truck offering. Mercedes has made large scale commercial trucks for years, but they have never been in the consumer market for trucks of this type.

Launch Dates Are Planned

According to Mercedes, the new X-Class pickup is scheduled to officially launch in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand at some point in 2018. Argentina and Brazil will follow at some point in 2019. There is one oddity though – there is no mention of the USA getting this truck. The United States is the most profitable truck market on the planet. A spoekesman for Mercedes confirmed that there is no plan to bring the X-Class to our market in the foreseeable future. They have not yet explained why this decision was made.

There has been no definitive mention of price, but north of $40,000 is expected. This is common in the luxury truck market. If there is any news of launching this truck in the USA, an update will be posted here. Subscribe to this blog to keep updated! Leave a comment down below at the very bottom of the page if you like this truck!

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