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32 Rat Roadster

32 Rat Roadster Model Car Kit

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32 Rat Roadster

Today I wanted to get back to model car kits, and showcase another of my favorites. The Little Deuce Coupe in the video below is based on the 32 Rat Roadster Model car. I built this one a while back, but I still enjoy this one, so I thought I would share it. This kit is a 1:25 scale level 2 model car kit, and Stacey David actually built the real car some time ago, which is what the kit was based around.

32 Rat Roadster

This little model car kit was a lot of fun to build, and I made mine slightly differently than the box art. I customized it by replacing the standard V8 in the kit with a Ford Flathead V8, custom headers, and a custom built surfboard. These were parts from my parts bin, which worked well after a few modifications.  I also painted mine differently. The kit is all white when it comes out of the box, so the paint scheme is up to the creator. I chose a very dark British Racing Green rather than the Emerald Green they chose on the box.

Finally, I modified the interior a bit to better reflect the deuce coupe theme for this car. The kit is well detailed, and comes with some nice custom parts. I found the parts fit very well, and didn’t need any real adjustment to make them work. There were very few sink holes or other flaws from the factory, so I was able to quickly and easily get this one into paint and ready to go.

Check out the video and see what you think of my interpretation of this Revell Chip Foose kit. I really enjoyed making a surf buggy out of this classic Deuce Coupe.

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