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2018 Ford GT

2018 Ford GT Supercar

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2018 Ford GT

I was asked by someone recently if I knew anything about the 2018 Ford GT. The Ford GT is an American made 2 seater sports car with a mid-engine configuration. It is essentially a street legal race car supercar. It is made by Ford, and is in its 3rd generation. The GT is a nod of the head to Ford’s famed GT40, which was a 4 time consecutive winner of the 24 Hours of Lemans from 1966 – 1969.

2018 Ford GT

The North American International Auto Show 2015 was where the latest generation of the Ford GT was unveiled, and set to first be produced in 2016. It was the 50 year anniversary since the GT40 1966 24 Hours Of LeMans, and they ran in the 24 Hours Of LeMans 2016 to commemorate the anniversary.

2018 Ford GT Tech Specs

The 2018 Ford GT is a monster of a car, which is powered by a 647 horsepower 3.5 liter twin turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine that makes 550lb ft of torque. This makes for an incredible horsepower to weight ratio, and makes for a scary fast ride. The car has a lightweight carbon fiber construction bolted to aluminum sub frames front and back. The Ford GT also features a Gorilla Glass windshield, which is the same thing used on phones and tablets. It is light, strong, and thin. In addition, the car has butterfly doors and pushrod suspension. This is one amazing car!

Ford started producing these monster sports cars in December of 2016. They are only building one car per day, as they are hand built. Only 250 are made each year, and Ford chooses which of the prospective buyers will be allowed the privelege of buying one of these amazing cars. The 2017 and 2018 are already sold out, and the 2019 is for those that were not chosen to get one in 2017 or 2018. 2020 is still open for new buyers, however, so get your order in today! This car is not as rare as the Rarest Mustang ever, but it is still quite difficult to get!

2018 Ford GT Specs

BASE PRICE‎: ‎$453,750
Curb weight‎: ‎3250 lb
Power‎: ‎647 hp @ 6250 rpm
TRANSMISSION‎: ‎7-speed dual-clutch automatic

Yes, believe it or not, even with a selling price of $500,000 , they cannot make enough to keep up with demand. If you are lucky enough to be capable of buying this monster of a car, get your order in early to ensure you have a chance of getting your hands on one…in 2020. If not, you will still be in the drawing for 2021.

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    Seriously? 500k and they cant keep up with demand?

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