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Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit

Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit

This is a Ford T Street Rod Plastic Model Kit by Revell Monogram that I recently built. I decided to go a different route from the box version, but I think it came out rather nice.

Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit

This model car kit was a gift from my sister for my birthday. I thought about doing it the way the box art looks, but I decided to go a completely different way with it. I modified several aspects of the kit, including using some parts from my parts bin to customize it a bit.

Nice Design

This car is basically a T-Bucket, which is an old Model T Ford with a lot of customization done to it. This Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit was actually a very designed kit. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in model cars. The fit of the parts was easy, and there were no sink holes or other blemishes that needed to be fixed before painting. I think mine came from Amazon, which usually has it in stock for a good price. Check the current price of this model car kit here.

This is how the box art represents the car.Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit

As you can see from the video, I customized mine a bit. I usually do things such as swapping engines or engine components, adding custom body parts, and changing up the suspension to better reflect my vision for the car.  In my view, these model car kits are a canvas that allows me to do things that would be impossible in real cars.


I would appreciate your feedback on this model car kit. If you have built the Ford T Street Rod 1/24 Scale Model Kit seen here, post in the comments down below and let us know. I would be happy to see how you built this kit!

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