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The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made

Fellow gearheads, I have been on a run lately with special muscle cars that are very unique. Today I want to continue on with that idea, and introduce to you the very last  Plymouth Superbird ever made. This is an iconic piece of history that is destined to become a museum piece somewhere.

Last Plymouth Superbird Ever

Plymouth Superbird History

When it comes to muscle cars, the Superbird is a real rock star. The car was dubbed “The Aero Warrior”. due to the aerodynamic front nose piece and high rear wing. You may also know the brother of the Superbird, which we have covered here. The Dodge equivalent was the Dodge Charger Hemi Daytona. Chrysler memos for September 1969 show that the sales staff was expecting to build around 2.000 winged warriors for Plymouth in 1970, The actual production number is generally believed to be 1,935 Plymouth Superbirds built and shipped to United States dealers. There are rumors that  between 34 and 47 Plymouth Superbirds were shipped to dealers in Canada, although I do not know if any of them have actually surfaced. To put that number in perspective, there were 291,071 Honda Accords produced in 2018 alone.

The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made It is believed that over 1,000 Plymouth SuperBirds still exist today. Contrary to popular belief, they were only sold for one production year – 1970. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know the story about Richard Petty, and how he left Mopar to drive for Ford in his 1969 Ford Torino GT Richard Petty Edition. The 1970 Superbird was meant to bring him back to driving for Mopar in NASCAR. The strategy worked, as he returned to Plymouth in 1970.

The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made

Desirable Collectible – The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made

The production numbers show around 135 of them were made with the fabled 426 Hemi. There were only 16 of the  440 six-pack editions, with the remainder powered by 440ci. 4bbl. motors. The Hemi Superbirds are by far the most desirable. Those cars can easily fetch $300,000 if they are in great condition. However, the less desired and more popular option was the brutish 440 Commando 4 barrel, which we see here.  Even the 440 4 BBL cars usually sell for around $100,o00, so they are not cheap.

The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made

Even though there were less than 2,000 of the 1970 Superbirds made, they have become iconic muscle cars. If this is such a great car, why didn’t they make more of them? The nose cone and extreme wing styling proved far too extreme for the 1970 market. The car featured decals of the Road Runner from cartoons, and a horn that sounded like the iconic “meep meep” from the Road Runner cartoon. The buyers that were in the muscle car market gravitated towards the regular Road Runner. Many of the Superbirds sat unsold on dealer lots until as late as 1972. Some of the dealers actually converted their inventory of Superbirds to regular Road Runners just to get them sold.

The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made

Lime Light colored 440 4 barrel Superbird

As for the 440 4 barrel Superbird you see here, according to its owner, it is the very last one ever built. This winged warrior comes with complete documentation, registry information, and has a documented 57,800 miles on the odometer. While it may not be the hot ticket of a Hemi, it is still a very special piece of automotive history. The Last Plymouth Superbird Ever Made sold on eBay for $165,000. To think that this car survived all these years, and has so few miles, is really extraordinary. I find it ironic that in 1970, dealers could not give these cars away. Now they go for six figures at auction, and are highly sought after collectibles.

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