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2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

Jeep has been doing some really innovative and interesting things lately. Not long ago, we covered the twin-Hemi powered Jeep Hurricane Concept, which is really cool. Today, we are looking at perhaps the coolest Jeep concept car ever. The 2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept  is made to be a combination of beach buggy, hot rod, and Baja racer, all wrapped in one.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

The starting point for this vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler, which is already a cool truck. I think the spirit of Carroll Shelby came to them in the middle of the night and told them what to do to make it even better, since he worked with Mopar in the 1980s. I can just imagine what was happening at the meeting where this vehicle was conceived. Someone said “How do we make the Wrangler even better?” . Someone else replied “Hmmm….Hemi, velocity stacks, 6 speed manual, chop the top, and remove the fenders”. And from that meeting, a legend was born.

Yea, It Has A Hemi

This bad boy has all that and more. This Jeep was made to emulate a vintage hot rod with a modern feel, and it seems they did that rather well.  Where do we begin with this Jeep? The base model Wrangler chassis was lengthened to accommodate the 392 cubic inch Hemi that powers this beast. Yes, they put a 392 Hemi in a Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Quicksand Concept
Quicksand Concept

There was no official word as to what the power output would be for this modified Hemi. The base 392 Hemi has a factory-rated (very conservative) output of  **cough** 525 horsepower.  Since no one can seem to say that with a straight face, its easy to imagine this Hemi with all of its modifications is easily in the 650-700 horsepower range. Backing all this horsepower is a 6 speed manual transmission.

On top of that Hemi is a set of 8 velocity stacks that peek through the barely existing hood. The hood, which tilts forward,  is also made to look like a vintage hot rod hood, instead of a regular Jeep hood.  Out in front of the Jeep is a chrome gas tank sitting on the front bumper, just like an old school T-Bucket would have. It is not a truly functional gas tank – it is actually the winch.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

Hot Rod Jeep!

The designers figured someone with a hot rod Jeep would want everyone to know it had a Hemi. To fix that problem, the inclusion of chrome snake charmer baffled headers, peeking out from behind the front tires, will set the record straight…….for everyone within a 4 block radius.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

In case people still aren’t acknowledging your Hemi and giving it the respect it deserves, the designers included a button to ensure everyone knows you are running a 392 Hemi with open headers, shown below. This button opens the baffles fully, so now everyone within an 8 block radius will know you are coming.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

In addition to all those cool features, the body was modified to look more like a 40s Sedan Delivery style hot rod. There are no B-pillars, no fenders, and no glass, except for the windshield. The top was chopped and channeled, and instead of a sunroof there is a removable rag top. The result is the perfect beach buggy, with an open top and plenty of power to get wherever you want to go.

Since this buggy was made for sand, the Jeep also sports 4 wheel coil-over dampers and 18 inch old school looking mag wheels wrapped in 32 inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain tires up front and 37 inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain tires out back. If the going gets really tough, there is also an included Warn winch and a recovery rope pack, with a comical “Secure Before Flight” tag attached. Actually, with those big tires and a 392 Hemi, that “Secure Before Flight” tag may not be a joke after all. I would imagine this bad boy could jump dunes like nobody’s business.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

Interior Features

Inside, the 2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept features a minimalist interior. Everything inside is either natural metal color or red. Up front, there are two bucket seats and aluminum door panels. In addition, there is a chrome roll bar that wraps around a racing style Baja gas tank. There are multiple switches for auxillary lights, and lots of aluminum and chrome to round out the rugged beach buggy appearance.

2017 Jeep Quicksand ConceptSummary

There has yet to be any official statement as to whether this Jeep will ever be made. There was no word on pricing, or if the Jeep will be available in any other colors aside from the black one shown here if it is made. Jeep needs to start making these vehicles instead of teasing us with awesome concepts! If they ever do put these into production, look for me at the Jeep dealership. I will be first in line to buy one, regardless of the color choices offered.

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