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Drifting, Donuts, and Burnouts

Drifting, Donuts, and Burnouts

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Drifting, Donuts, and Burnouts Series

As someone with an obsession for anything with wheels, I could not let this opportunity pass me by. Drifting, donuts, and burnouts are all different things, and today we will focus on donuts in this series. I had someone ask me what is meant for a car to ‘cut a donut’, so that will be our first topic to be covered. Of course, I had a surprised look on my face when someone asked me that, as I assumed everyone knew what that meant. I then realized that a lot of people drive front wheel drive cars, and obviously do not have that option, so I thougt I would show what it means.

Drifting, Donuts, and Burnouts

That led me to consider the idea of posting a blog post detailing what drifting, donuts, and burnouts mean. In essence, the idea is to send significant power to the rear wheels of a rear wheel drive car quickly.  This gets the tires to start spinning, and with the right finesse and control, the car will start spinning in a circle. Watch the video below to fully understand it, but the concept is simple.

Why, you may ask, would someone do this? It is, quite simply, fun! There is not really a purpose for doing this, other than the thrill of spinning around in circles. Yes, it ruins a perfectly good pair of tires if you do it too much, or for too long. Obviously, it can be dangerous if done inappropriately. The guy in the video above did it in an abandoned airport parking lot under controlled circumstances. Remember, this technique is illegal on public streets, and can be dangerous, so in no way am I telling anyone to go do this. I am simply explaining what it is.


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