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weathered 55 ford model truck

Weathered 1955 Ford Model Truck

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Weathered 1955 Ford Model Truck

This is the story of how a classic cruiser series model car kit by Monogram went from a purple street rod to a tired old weathered 1955 Ford model truck in a pasture.

This model car kit was originally a hot rod in the box stock build, but I decided to go totally weathered with it. This rig is rusted, the paint is faded, and I replaced the cheesy plastic bed with a real wood bed. The wood bed was completed with rotted boards, and if you look closely, they actually appear to be rotted. This model was a lot more difficult to do than it would have been had I done the model car kit exactly as shown on the box. This model truck originally came with an aftermarket 5.0 liter fuel injected V8. I replaced it with a mid 60’s plain V8 with a carb. I do not know where the engine came from, but it was in my parts box and fit just fine.

Weathered 1955 Ford Model Truck

The model I built is the purple one listed above. I found this to be a very well made model car kit, and it came with some very good parts. I kept all the hot rod parts for other projects, and you will probably see some of those parts in other projects. This included the chrome wheels, chromed engine, and all the new model interior components. I replaced the box seat with a bench seat from my parts box as well.

This truck looks as if it has sat in a pasture for 40 years, however it is still completely plastic.  This truck appears as if it is rusted, rotted, and falling apart. This kit is a top notch kit, and I would recommend anyone to buy and build this kit. I hope you found this kit to be interesting, and enjoy the weathered truck look.

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