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1972 Ford Ranchero Squire – With a Big Block!

1972 Ford Ranchero Squire

Fellow gearheads, this is a car you don’t see very often these days. The 1972 Ford Ranchero Squire you see here today is a rare ride that is one to behold! Some call it a car, some call it a truck. I call it awesome either way! I hope you enjoy this somewhat unique vehicle.



1972 Ford Ranchero Squire

Rare Ranchero

Rancheros and El Caminos have always been fascinating to me. They are essentially a car front end and truck back end, which makes them rather unique. Both Ford and Chevy produced them for decades, until they were no longer popular. Ford only made 4,283 Rancheros in 1972. It was meant to be a rival to the ever-popular (at the time) Chevy El Camino, which was a similar body style. The whole concept of the car/truck hybrid was still quite popular, but the Ranchero was not the one everyone wanted.

Also, with the muscle car era winding down, these big block behemoths were starting to wane in popularity. Being one of only 4,283 ever made makes it rare, however this one is even more rare! This Ranchero is equipped with the 429 CID V8 big block with 4 barrel carb! There were only 166 of the 1972 Rancheros ever made with the 429 so this is a super rare car! All 166 of the Rancheros made that year with this engine also included the C6 three speed automatic transmission, just like many Ford Mustangs of that era.


Customized A Little

According to the VIN and paperwork, this Ranchero came with the 429 and C6 from the factory, however it has been modified a bit. The original color combination was white with a white vinyl top, so along the way someone painted it the gold color you see here. I must admit, the gold with black vinyl roof is a rather attractive option, so I can see why someone chose this color combo. It lived most of its live on the West coast of the USA, and is a basically rust free car.

1972 Ford Ranchero Squire - With a Big Block!

The sunroof and black vinyl top are aftermarket add-ons, but seem to be a great addition to the enjoyment factor of the Ranchero. The Ranchero Squire emblems are correct for the car, however the mag wheels are also a customization the owner added. Note the factory functional induction hood with flat black hood scoop, which came with the 429 option. You can also see the 429 emblems right behind the tire on the fender, which tells everyone that this Ranchero means business!

Ford Ranchero Squire


The Ginger interior is the original color, and looks good against the gold paint. The Squire package also included fancy upgrades such as the simulated wood-grain in the interior. This car also had the Visibility Group, which includes map lights, underhood lights, and interior footwell lights. This is the ONLY documented 72 Ranchero with the 429 AND the Visibility Group option, making this car ONE of ONE! The factory gauges and other goodies are still inside, and the factory air conditioner still exists. We see rare cars all the time on this blog, but ONE of ONE is as rare as it gets!

1972 Ford Ranchero Squire - With a Big Block!


This 429 big block Ranchero with factory Visibility Group is truly a rare car, since it is the only one ever known to have been produced. I can only imagine someone must have custom ordered it with the goodies it had. I am puzzled over why someone ordered it in white with a white vinyl roof, as that does not seem to be a popular color combination for the Ranchero. However, it is certainly an amazingly rare car, and I hope you enjoyed seeing it. Let us know down in the comments – is this a car, or a truck, in your opinion?