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Dagger GT Unbelievable Supercar

Fellow gearheads, we have covered some amazing supercar models in the past, but this one is just beyond belief. This car is the most amazing car we have ever seen, and they are about to start offering them for production. We have been covering a lot of rare muscle cars lately, so today it is time to cover something different…and this one is WAY different.  The Dagger GT is incredible.

Dagger GT Supercar Amazing Supercar

I don’t even know if the word ‘supercar’ is appropriate for this car. The Dagger GT is beyond supercar status. This car is the fastest street legal car ever made.  They offer a variety of models, so let’s just talk about the “basic” Dagger GT SS. The base model Dagger GT-SS is the “Super Sport” model, which is a street legal 2000 hp version of the GT-R race model (the race model is 3,000 horsepower). Wait – back up. TWO THOUSAND horsepower? Yes, that is correct. We covered another high horsepower concept car  a while back, but this is different.

Tech Specs for the Dagger GT

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of this amazing car:

Weight to Horsepower Ratio =  1:1
Acceleration Zero to 60 MPH  = 1. second
1/4 Mile ET =  5.6 seconds at 260 mph
Top Speed: 315 mph
Fuel Consumption at 300 MPH = 5 gallons per minute
Zero to 60 and back to zero = 4.0 seconds

The 500 cid supercharged Dagger GT engine makes 2,000 horsepower at 9.500 RPMs using 118 octane racing fuel. The block and heads are CNC machined from a solid block of billet aluminum. The block is machined down from 500 pounds to only 150 pounds. It uses military grade cryogenics on critical components to ensure extra strength and durability.

So, they somehow made a 500cid big block aluminum engine that is supercharged, runs jet fuel, and makes 2,000 horsepower at 9.500 RPMs.  Wait a minute, that must be a typing error. Zero to sixty in one second, and 5 1/2 second quarter mile times? 2,000 horsepower at 9.500 RPMs from a big block? 315 MPH top speed? That is correct., and it is street legal in the USA.

Dagger GT

Custom Made Cars

Each car is handmade and custom crafted to your specifications, so if you buy one, you can get whatever you want in the car. Some of the options include vertical opening doors, cockpit controlled boost for the custom supercharger (in case you want the 3,000 horsepower “racing” model), removable hardtop, carbon fiber body, polished chrome or burlwood interior,  dual fuel tanks, and road accessory packages. The owner can specify his/her suspension preference and interior design features as well. The owner can choose the options they want at almost every step of the build..


Dagger GT Unbelievable Supercar

The removable hard top comes with an electric winch that is mounted in the owners garage for easy removal and storage of the top, which is a cool idea. The interior of the Dagger GT features dual side mounted screens that show what is around the car at all times. The center console computer includes an infotainment system, as well as a personalized assortment of gauges and monitors to monitor things like horsepower, boost, timing, and other settings. The engine management system also allows you to change settings as you go to customize your performance on the fly.  The body is all carbon fiber, and the use of aluminum and carbon fiber means the car only weighs 2,000 pounds curb weight. This gives it a horsepower to weight ratio of one to one, which is pretty hard to imagine.

Dagger GT Unbelievable Supercar

Interesting Company

The company includes among its ranks the designer of the Saleen S7, NASCAR and NHRA racers, aerodynamics engineers, and other industry experts. They essentially found all the best people they could and built a car around their expertise.  If you would like to buy one, the Dagger GT-S S model,shown here is expected to have a starting price of $750,000, plus whatever you wish to add from an almost unlimited list of options.  They are currently enlisting dealerships across the US to sell them. This means you could probably have this dream car for around a million bucks, give or take. So, who wants to buy one and let me take it for a spin?

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