Restored Classics Trucks

1950 Ford F-1 Pickup

Fellow gearheads, today I am bringing you something a little different. This is not a super high horsepower monster – this is a restored 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup that is deserving of attention. I hope you enjoy this old truck as much as I do.

1950 Ford F-1 Pickup

1950 Ford F-1 Pickup

One of our loyal readers, Tony, asked me a question I could not answer. He said “Dude, you always do cool cars, but you never cover old trucks. Why not? I love old trucks.!” I must admit, it is a category we should cover more. Since he owns a ’66 Ford F250, it would make sense that he would enjoy seeing an old truck or two. If you agree and also like old trucks, be sure to thank him by subscribing to his YouTube channel here.

F1 truck

As for this classic old truck, I think the pictures really say it all. This old truck wears Palisade Green paint, which was a factory Ford truck color in 1950. I wonder if that paint was left over from World War 2? It also sports a 239 CID, 24 stud flathead V8 with a factory 2 barrel Holley carb. These engines, by comparison with others on this blog, are nothing to get too excited about.

It boasts 6.8:1 compression and is rated at a whopping 100 horsepower. It also includes the “3 on the tree” 3 speed manual on the column.  The factory 6 volt electrical system rounds out the authentic parts under the hood. Looking at the photo above, I have always thought the grille and headlights make it look as though the truck is smiling. Although this 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup would never win a 1/4 mile race, I have to say it is still super cool! I would not complain about having it in my garage!

flathead v8

Vintage 1950s Truck

Trucks during that era were made for working, and not meant to be luxurious. That is apparent in the spartan cabin on this old beauty. The simple bench seat and gauges make for a very clean look inside. I personally love the dashboard and gauges on these old trucks. The metal dash painted to match the body is one of those touches that really looks cool, in my opinion.

1950 Ford interior

1950 Ford interiorBeautiful Old Iron

I really love the dog dish hubcaps and whitewall tires on this 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup. Those are so vintage, yet they still look timeless and creative. I think designers at that time really were interested in aesthetics and design. These days, there seems to be little creativity put into vehicles any more.

1950 wheels

The real wood bed is another of those touches that just makes this truck so interesting. This truck was meticulously restored, nuts and bolts, to be as close to factory as possible. It seems someone really had a passion for this old truck, and I am glad we are all able to enjoy it. What was once bought to haul hay around a farm is now a thing of beauty that brings joy to many people.

wood bed


Do you want to see more old trucks? Let me know down in the comments!