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mercedes F 015 concept car

Mercedes F 015 Luxury Concept Car

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Mercedes F 015 Luxury Concept Car

Mercedes has always been known for having luxury cars with distinct and stately looks. However, this Mercedes F 015 Luxury Concept car takes things to a new level. This vehicle is one that may be the future of automotive engineering. Yesterday, we covered a new rotary concept car that may make it to market.

This Mercedes F 015 Luxury Concept Car is a completely self driving car. N0, really – this vehicle drives itself, which makes the interior into more of a luxury living room than a cockpit. There are 4 rotating seats inside to allow all 4 passengers to play games, talk, or relax together. There are also 6 monitors built into the front, rear, and side panels, which makes for even more entertainment options. The luxury cabin also features high-tech features that allow the passengers to interact with the car through gestures, touch screens, and even eye tracking. The interior is also luxurious, as is to be expected with Mercedes. The interior is trimmed with walnut and soft leather, while subtle touches of metal and glass round out the experience. Check out this other cool concept car, while you are at it!

Amazing Feature List

The features list for this car is also one that we can all envy:

  • Selection between completely self-driving or manual driving options
  • Smart Body Structure that involves combining carbon fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum, and high strength steel all in one vehicle.
  • Communication with the rest of the World via front and rear LED modules
  • 4 rotating white nappa leather lounge chairs with several seating options
  • Open-pore walnut floor (yes, a car with hardwood floors!)
  • 6 monitors to form a 360 degree virtual environment
  • 90 degree opening saloon style doors
  • A PRE-SAFEĀ® Body Structure that absorbs the energy of a collision by inflating on impact
  • Electric drive systems

Mercedes F 015 Luxury Concept Car

As of the time when this article was published, there was no word on a release date. There has also been no hint as to pricing, however this blogger tends to believe it is out of my price range, which is quite a bummer. Maybe if I get several extra jobs….

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