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Awesome Rotary Powered Concept Car – RX9 Prototype?

Awesome Rotary Powered Concept Car

This rotary powered concept car is flat out awesome.  The car has been confirmed as a working prototype, and may end up making it to production. Mazda calls this the RX-Vision concept car, which is a 2 door, 2 seater, front engine, rear wheel drive car that reminds me of the RX7 and RX8 of the past.

The RX-Vision will carry the Skyactiv-R rotary engine, and may become the RX9. The Skyactiv-R is a a compact engine, which is why it fits under that low slung hood. We haven’t seen a production rotary car by Mazda since 2012. This will be exciting for fans of the fabled rotary engine configuration. However, most of us also remember the weak gas mileage, emissions problems, and reliability issues that have continued to plague the rotary engine configuration for decades.

Mazda is keeping fairly tight lipped about this car so far. The rotary engine and styling are among the few confirmed details. We also know some of the dimensions – 172.8 inches long, 75,8 inches wide, and 45.7 inches tall. The tires up front are 9 1/2 inch wide 245/40s and the rear are 11 inch wide 285/35s, all 4 sitting on 20 inch wheels.

New Design, New Looks

Mazda’s vision for the RX-Vision was to “shave away all but the essentials”. This meant they wanted to give it a low and sleek look without a lot of hard lines. They even created a new and custom red paint color to further showcase this new body style. Check out this pretty red paint! This is an awesome rotary powered concept car, and I hope it gets out to production!

Awesome Rotary Powered Concept Car

The interior is another area where they refined and refocused their efforts. The interior is simple, spartan, and clean. Instrument panels, steering wheel, shifter, and floor pedals are all elegant yet functional. They chose a black and red color scheme, highlighted with silver where appropriate. The concept car looks like it may be a manual transmission, although this one is right-hand drive and didn’t seem to have a clutch pedal. The drivetrain final options have not yet been released.


Since this car shares so many elements of the RX7 and RX8 predecessors, many people are already assuming it will be the RX9. The RX-Vision is a 2 seater, 2 door coupe. With all the expenses and challenges involved in creating a rotary engine car, many fear the price may be north of $50,000. This author certainly hopes to see this one the streets of the USA soon.

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