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Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car

Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car

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Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car

Self driving cars have been all the rage lately, but most of them have been pretty bland, basic cars. They seem to be your average sedan that has been retrofitted to become self driving. This could change if Chevy has its way. The Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car is anything but bland and basic. Check this car out!

Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept CarHigh Tech Wonder

The Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car makes me think that someone out there has imagination when it comes to design. This is NOT a bland and boring car. This car looks like something Iron Man would own…if he lived in the Matrix…and wanted a self-driving car. Features include crystal laser headlights, dual dragonfly doors, and magnetic hubless wheels attached to electric motors.

Amazing Interior

As if the outside weren’t cool enough, the interior is basically all dashboard and entertainment. There is a roof mounted radar that maps the environment around you to find the best route to your destination. There is an artificial intelligence based personal assistant to remind you of meetings and other important details, so you can work while you commute.

Form Meets Function

If you don’t want to work, the seats swivel 180 degrees so you can face forwards or backwards. However, If 4 people are in the car, this makes for great conversation, or you could even play games on a long drive. When you decide to take over, you can even use gesture control to drive the car.

The front of this car very obviously shares some traits with the Camaro, in terms of appearance. The blue headlights make it look rather angry! I love the sleek appearance, with just the right amount of color to offset it. I wonder if this car would look good in other colors aside from black? Will they offer it in champagne, blue, red, white, and other colors?

Concept or Reality?
In case you think this is just a computer drawing, this is an actual car. The Chevrolet FNR Self-Driving Concept Car was shown in Shanghai at the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center automotive show, better known as PATAC. The picture above is what it looked like at that show. This is an example of what imagination, creativity, and technology can do if someone really wants to think “outside the box”. This is one design this author would love to see put in production. The only question is – will they make one that is not self-driving, and include a supercharged V8? Hmmm….What do you think? Would you want to ride in this car?  Do you like this car? Comment down below to let us know!

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