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Hemi Cuda Convertible Video

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Hemi Cuda Convertible Video

Are there any sweeter words in the English language? Hemi Cuda Convertible – the 3 little words that can instill fear in the hearts of those in the other lane at the dragstrip, and ecstasy in the people inside the car. This prime example below shows what happens when someone buys their car for enjoyment. This car is obviously a bit modified, but it is a prime example of what can happen if someone wants to enjoy their classic car.

This guy apparently had the car built to the max, as it is shown initially in the garage, but later he gets it out on the road. There are obviously some modifications in place, but that is probably why it sounds so awesome. This monster sounds like it means business. The car is still old school in appearance, however, which is cool. I bet his neighbors never have a problem with mosquitos, although I hope he lives in a neighborhood of gearheads. If not, he probably gets in trouble with the law every day.

Hemi Cuda Video

I would imagine they have quite a bill for tires, based on the burnouts they are doing in the YouTube video shown here. The lopey cam indicates that this is a beast of a car. I don’t know the full backstory, but the video is still fun to watch. The chromed out engine and massive meats out back should give you an idea of what you are about to see. Watch the video, then let me know what you think of this tire shredding hemi! I bet it is harder to enjoy with the roll cage in the back seat, but thats the price you pay for speed. I would still drive it, for sure.

Hemi Cuda Convertible Video
This is a HEMI engine – check it out!

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