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Project Apollo Mission To The Moon

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Project Apollo Mission To The Moon

This book is not related to automobiles, I will agree with that. However, this book is vintage cool. If any of the readers do not know what Project Apollo is, everyone seems to knows the famous statement from that mission. “That’s one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong. This is a Project Apollo Mission To The Moon book , which had a price tag of merely 10 cents. This price tag was from a most likely from a reseller, as it doesn’t look like an original price tag. The original price on the book probably wasn’t very much, however it was probably more than a dime.

The original publication date on this book was 1965. The photos below are of the 2nd printing, released in 1967. The manned mission to the moon the book describes involved landing on the moon on July 20th, 1969. The back of the book mentions many statements that tell of the era. “It is no longer a dream. In the near future three astronauts will blast off on man’s greatest adventure in space..” was one of the passages that really stands out.

Science Fiction Became Science Fact

Space travel was still considered to be science fiction in 1967, however, as many people did not think we would make it to the moon. My personal belief is that this book was primarily written with two goals in mind, although this is just my opinion. The first reason is Public Relations for NASA, as they needed the support of the people for the project. The second is as an educational book to encourage younger people to enter STEM careers. This was a time when very few people had the advanced engineering and mathematics backgrounds required for space travel, so they were very actively trying to encourage people to follow those paths in college. Today, there are many people that graduate with degrees in engineering and science, which is a very big change from that time.

The Project Apollo Mission To The Moon Book was simply a great way of disseminating that information in a time when information was difficult to obtain. This was decades before the World Wide Web. In conclusion, this was a very different era, and this book is a living relic of that time.

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project apollo mission to the moon book

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