All Other Forms Of Transportation

This page is dedicated to any other form of transportation that isn’t contained in other pages. This could include trains, planes, and basically anything else with wheels that is not on the Hot Wheels or Model Car pages. Also check the Blog if you want to see concept car, supercars, and muscle cars.

S-Scale American Flyer 312 Model Train

Since I am basically obsessed with anything that has wheels, I figured I would share this today. This is a late 1940’s American Flyer Train Set, with tracks, cars, locomotive, and several other items. This train set is very original, and was owned by my Grandfather since it was new. He gave it to me, since he knows I like all things with wheels. The American Flyer 312, shown here, was produced from 1946 to 1951.

17¾″ long. Pennsylvania 4-6-2. Six drive wheels, 4 wheel pony, 2 wheel booster trucks. Eccentric arm triple action piston rods, side rods and connecting rods. Tender is bunker type with imitation coal, hand rails and markers. Double truck, nickel journal boxes, 8 wheels.

Price new was $23.50, which would be about $300 now. That was a lot of money during that era, so there are very few of these around anymore.