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First Shelby Cobra Ever Built Sells At Auction

First Shelby Cobra Ever Built Sells At Auction!

Fellow gearheads, we all know that the name Shelby is synonymous with amazing  and rare muscle cars. When it comes to classic muscle cars, the AC Cobra is among the most recognizable. The car we are about to see is one that will blow your mind. The first Shelby Cobra ever built sells at auction!

First Shelby Cobra Ever Built Sells At Auction

Any original AC Cobra is worth big bucks these days, as they were all pretty amazing cars that are highly sought after collectibles. This one, however, is super special. This is the actual prototype – the car that started a racing revolution. This blue 1962 Shelby Cobra  is chassis #CSX2000. This Shelby Cobra was the very first one ever built. It is a piece of automotive history, and we are very lucky it has survived all these years.

First Shelby Cobra Ever Built

Historic Shelby

Before we get too far into discussing the story of this amazing Shelby, let’s take a look at the specs for this car.

Production – 1962–1963
Powertrain – 260 or 289 cu in V8
Dimensions – Wheelbase 90 in
Length  – 151.5 in
Width –  61 in
Height  – 49 in
Curb weight – 2,019 lb

First Shelby Cobra Ever!

In later years, the Cobra would go on to get bigger and badder, and eventually got the 427V8 as an optional engine. In 1962 Shelby introduced the world to a car that would become one of the most sought-after and copied collectible cars ever. It went from production to the history books as a racing legend almost instantly. One of the things that makes these cars so valuable is how rare they are .From 1961 to 1968, only 998 original cars were ever made (655 leaf-spring 289 Cobras and 343 coil-spring 427 Cobras). That is why almost every Cobra seen outside of a museum is a kit car or copy car.

Since this was the first one ever made, you might expect it to have a rather colorful history, You may even think that it has changed owners a dozen times, been raced professionally, made its way to a junkyard, and was saved. However, this did not happen. For more than fifty years, this has been in the garage of Carroll Shelby himself. He kept it in his personal collection since the day it was built. If you notice the photos, the drivers seat is worn out, yet the passenger seat is pristine. This means Carroll himself must have taken this car out once in a while for a drive. After he died in 2012, the collection was sold so that others could enjoy these beautiful cars. The first Shelby Cobra, shown here, sold at the RM Sotheby’s Auction at Pebble Beach, and when it sold, it earned yet another title . It became the most expensive American made car ever sold at auction..

First Shelby Cobra Ever Built Sells At Auction

Doing things Shelby Style

The fact that Carroll Shelby is still setting records after his death is astounding, but then again maybe it is not all that surprising. Carroll Shelby was a Texan, and believed in doing everything as big as possible. He was the epitome of “go big or go home”. I am glad that a Shelby owns the title as most expensive American car sold at auction. It is yet another title that the almighty Carroll Shelby holds. Oh, by the way, the price? The First Shelby Cobra ever made sold for a paltry $13.8 million.

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