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1976 Pontiac Trans Am

Fellow gearheads, today I have for you a rare treat. This car is iconic, and almost any gearhead of any brand loyalty will nod their head in approval if they see one. This car is the stuff of legends. Today, I present to you a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am in Carousel Red. Many people know this car from its fame in the Smokey and the Bandit movie, which released in 1977.

 1976 Pontiac Trans Am

Rare 1976 Pontiac Trans Am

As my loyal readers already know, during the mid-1970s the muscle car era and horsepower wars were pretty much over. The oil crisis had set in, and the regulatory bodies and insurance companies were putting pressure on auto manufacturers to tone it down. As such, there weren’t many cars available with big engines. Those that had big engines had torque sapping smog and emissions controls all over them.

76 Pontiac Trans Am 455 engine

This meant most auto companies were just making fuel efficient cars without the high horsepower. This particular Trans Am, however, was an exception. This 76 Trans Am was one of the few that still had a big engine. This is the last model year for….the 455 CID big block. The car you are looking at here came with the big block 455 CID engine with 4 barrel carb. To make this car even more rare, it has the factory 4 speed on the floor as well. Feast your eyes, gearheads….you won’t likely see another like this anytime soon!

76 Trans Am rear

Trans Am With A Unique History

The car you see here today was originally ordered new through a military base in Germany. The owner had it delivered to a Pontiac dealer in Dallas, Texas so he could pick it up when he got home. The car was ordered in the Carousel Red color, which is a bright, fire engine red. It is a numbers matching, rust free, completely original car. This car has under 70,000 documented original miles! This was someone’s toy, not a daily driver. I am not sure why they didn’t opt for the iconic T-Tops, but it is still an awesome car regardless.

1976 Pontiac Trans Am hood

Trans Am Interior

Another unique option this car has is the white vinyl bucket seats with black carpet. Typically, cars like this had black interior, or perhaps some shade of brown. I must admit, the white looks great against the red exterior, but it is still a rare option to select. This car had the factory AM/FM radio, but since the owner was a young single guy in the military he stepped up the options. He also ordered the optional 8 track player, which is mounted in the center console. It apparently still works to this day!

1976 Pontiac Trans Am


1976 Pontiac Trans AmSummary

Back in the old days, Pontiac had a slogan they used in their commercials. “We build excitement”. I think that sums up this car nicely, as I believe most any gearhead would be excited to have it! This is a numbers-matching, 1976 Pontiac Trans Am with factory 455 engine and 4 speed.  It has the rare white vinyl interior and 8 track tape player in the center console. This, my fellow gearheads, is a RARE Trans Am! I hope you enjoyed this car.  Comment down below and let us know what you think of this Red Trans Am!


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