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1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

Friends, being a Texan and a fan of 60’s muscle cars, I was absolutely floored to learn about this ultra low production special edition Mustang. I would bet most of you have never heard of it either. This special edition was the 1967 Ford Mustang “Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special.”. Read on to learn about this fantastic and rare Mustang.

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

Special Edition Mustang

I would imagine most Mustang fans are familiar with the GT/CS option. This is the California Special, which is quite popular to this day. The California Special was released in 1968, however it was available nationwide. In 1966, Colorado received the High Country Mustang as a special edition exclusively sold in Colorado. Ford found themselves in a bit of a jam when it came to Texas. Texans bought trucks by the dozens, but were not very interested yet in Mustangs.

Texans were not buying a lot of the Mustangs, and the company needed a way to do something about it. The Texas market is huge for vehicles, so car manufacturers are willing to go to great lengths to ensure the market is tapped.  Since the folks at Ford knew that Texans would want something unique, they got to work designing a special edition Mustang that would get attention. However  this edition of the Mustang was ONLY available in Texas.

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

Cool Options

The main selling point in this car was its paint. This car was available in any color you like – as long as that color is Blue Bonnet Blue. The special edition was not available in any other colors, making it rather unique. This is not the only Mustang ever offered in a light blue, however it was a special hue of light blue designed for this car.

The state flower of Texas is the Blue Bonnet, so the color was an obvious nod to the Texas flower. In addition to this pretty paint, the cars received an upgraded interior, styled steel wheels, the “sports sprint option” package, and special Lone Star badging on the front fenders. The”Sports Sprint” option included a chrome-plated air cleaner, chrome rocker-panel molding, functional louvered hood, wide oval tires, and vinyl covered shifter.

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

Limited Production

Ford planned on producing 700 of these 1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Specials, however only 175 of them were ordered. All of them were hardtop coupes, with some receiving the 200ci straight six and some the 289 V8. Ford production figures reveal 175 of these “Lone Star Limited” painted Bluebonnet Blue cars being sold. 173 of these cars had “blue standard bucket seats,” however the other two cars did not show what interior they had. This has led many collectors to start searching for those 2 cars to reveal what interior they had. Also, 131 came with factory air conditioning, while the rest did not.

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet SpecialDespite the intention of creating 700 of these, only 175 people actually ordered them. The higher cost of the well equipped cars did not go over as well as planned, so the production only lasted one year. If you, like myself, had never heard of them, there is a reason. There have only been a handful of these cars that have surfaced, and previously no one really knew they were out there. The fact that they were only sold in Texas combined with low production numbers made them rather obscure.

The way you can tell for sure if you have a 1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special is by checking the VIN plate on the driver’s door. The Lone Star Specials do not have a paint code, and instead have a Texas DSO code of 61-5160 listed. The fender badge, featured below, is also an indicator, although only one car has surfaced which still had the original fender badge.

1967 Lone Star Limited Mustang
Fender badge

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited Bluebonnet Special

Friends, that about wraps it up for this super rare Mustang. This gives you yet another item to search for when looking over a 1967 Mustang. If you find one with these oddities, it could be a jackpot find! The few that we have seen so far for sale have commanded prices approaching six figures, whereas any other ’67 Mustang in the same condition may fetch a third as much. Buy and restore these now while it is still a relative secret, as these too will one day be worth more than the average house.