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1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T With FACTORY Sunroof

Hello fellow gearheads, I know you are probably saying to yourself “I am an aficionado of the fabled Challenger R/T, and they didn’t come with a sunroof!”. Well, buckle up for the ride of your life, because this story will knock your socks off.  This Hemi Challenger is unlike any you have ever seen before. This is a 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T With FACTORY Sunroof.

1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T With FACTORY SunroofRare 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T? Yes, Please!

In 1971, Dodge had decided the R/T Challenger would no longer be offered as a convertible. This was due to the massive, fire breathing elephant 426 Hemi under the hood, at least in part. Federal regulations and insurance companies were starting to put the pressure on automotive manufacturers, and the muscle car era was officially beginning to wind down. However, the folks at Dodge decided they would offer something that was somewhat similar to the convertible – they would offer the Sunroof as an option.

This allowed some open air driving, and some sun on those glorious days when you wanted to hear the massive 426 Hemi singing its beautiful, yet evil, song. It seems that most people in 1971 generally considered sunroofs as a bad option, since they tended to leak both wind and rain often. This was especially true when you had a massive, torque monster Hemi under the hood causing massive body twist on takeoff.

Impressive Factory Options List

One person in particular seemed to be having a rather prosperous year in 1971, as they literally checked all the boxes for all the most desirable options on this custom ordered, fully optioned Challenger. This was the most expensive Challenger R/T built in 1971, and the impressive feature list proves it.

1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T

  • Built in March 1971
  • Factory sunroof
  • Documented with the original broadcast sheet
  • Special Sunroof order number on broadcast sheet reads G00306
  • Extensive restoration completed using original and NOS parts
  • 426/425 HP Hemi V-8 engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission with Pistol Grip shifter
  • A33 Track Pack
  • Power steering and Power disc brakes
  • Shaker hood with hold down pins
  • Hemi Orange with R/T stripes
  • White vinyl top and interior
  • Bucket seats and center console
  • Power windows
  • Rear spoiler
  • Original spare tire
  • Rallye wheels and Goodyear Polyglas tires

1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger

A Hemi Monster

Under that flat black shaker hood resides pure evil. A 426 Hemi with dual 4 barrel carbs lives there, and it is LAUGHABLY underrated at 425 horsepower. I suppose if you tried to drive it with water in the gas tank, unhook one of the carbs, and pull one of the plug wires, that rating may be correct. In reality, these monsters made tons of power, so the real rating is probably significantly higher. The A33 Track Pak included a 4 on the floor with Hurst Pistol Grip shifter and 3:54 Dana 60 out back. Power front disk brakes helped reign in this beast when it got moving.

Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T

This 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T also had front and rear spoilers, a white vinyl top, shaker hood, hood pins, twin white stripes, rear fender vent simulators, and more. This car was loaded to the max with the most desirable options. Inside, the owner received the M51 code POWER Sunroof, which was an incredibly luxurious option in 1971 that was more likely to be found in a Cadillac than an R/T Hemi Challenger. The owner also got power windows, a tachometer, Rallye dash package, Hurst Pistol Grip shifter, and the premium AM/FM radio with cassette player. There was also the wood grain steering wheel to control the power steering assisted front wheels. This car was the ultimate combination of luxury and brute power in 1971.

The final year for the Challenger R/T was 1971, so this car is rare already. Combine that will all the other amazing features, and this car is absolutely incredible. This is the ONLY KNOWN factory sunroof in a 1971 Challenger R/T Hemi, which makes it one of one ever produced……this is a unicorn unlike any other.

This, fellow gearheads, is the rarest 1971 Challenger R/T Hemi in existence. Comment down below and let us know what you think of this truly rare car!