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Lamborghini Athon Concept Car

Lamborghini Athon Concept Car

Fellow gear heads, today I want to showcase a fully-functioning concept car that, for some reason, never made it to production. This car is the 1980 Lamborghini Athon Concept Car. Wait, what? This car looks modern. This car was made in 1980? Take a look below to read about this amazing machine.
Lamborghini Athon concept car

Something Is Missing…

The Lamborghini Athon Concept Car is a concept car designed by famous (and now defunct) Italian coachbuilder and car design firm Bertone.  The Lamborghini Athon was introduced at the 58th Turin Motor Show, held in April 1980.  Bertone introduced this stunning new concept car, which was based on a Lamborghini chassis . This was an odd choice, since Bertone was strapped for cash at the moment, and was close to bankruptcy. To choose such an expensive car was a gutsy move. The name Athon, often spelled Aton, refers to the Egyptian Sun God in ancient Egyptian religion . This name made sense, since the car was built without a top. Yes, this car was only good to drive during nice weather, as there was no top of any kind provided. Not exactly practical, but it was certainly unique, and received a lot of attention.

Lamborghini Athon Concept CarTechnical Specifications

The Athon was essentially based on the Lamborghini Silhouette.  Under the hood of the Athon resides a 3.0 L DOHC V8 engine with two valves per cylinder. The high revving V8 made 260 hp and 237 lb ft of torque. This little V8 had a compression ration of 10:1. Providing power to the wheels was a 5 speed gearbox with a hydraulic clutch.  Independent front and rear suspension with vented disc brakes helped keep the car on the right path along the way.

Lamborghini Athon Concept CarThe Lamborghini Athon Concept Car only weighed in at 2,390 pounds, so the little V8 could move it around quite comfortably, Top speed was 170 MPH, and it could go from 0 – 6o in 7.3 seconds, which was very good in 1980.  The interior was a gorgeously crafted combination of leather and technology, which was also very unique for the era. The steering wheel and dashboard somehow remind me of KITT from Knight Rider. I would love to get a chance to sit behind that wheel and take it around the block a time or two!

Lamborghini Athon Concept Car

Athon concept carStyling

The rear of the car shows the attention to detail and sculpting that went into this car. Somehow, it looks vintage and yet modern at the same time. The graphics are decidedly vintage, yet the styling looks modern.  I love the exhaust exiting under the bumper, and the fact that they highlighted it rather than hiding it. If you think this car is amazing, it actually does exist.. The car never made it to production, but one of these prototypes still exists today. The RM Sotheby’s company auctioned off the only Lamborghini Athon ever made. The fully functional prototype was sold in Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on May 21, 2011. The car sold for $487,000 US Dollars.Lamborghini Athon Concept Car

This is one of the rarest cars in the World – they only made ONE, and the designer is no longer in business.. If you are a fan of exclusive cars, this would be a great one to own. You never know, maybe someday the present owner will put it up for auction again. Comment down below if you think you would drive this supercar!

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