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Hot Wheels Mystery

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Hot Wheels Mystery

I have a Hot Wheels Mystery on my hands, and I hope someone in the community can help solve it. This video features a collection of a few Hot Wheels Corvettes. I will make a video of some of my other Hot Wheels cars, if someone would like to see them. I have always loved the Corvettes of all generations and all ages, although I do have my favorite models.  The Corvette is arguably one of the most gorgeous cars ever made. These Hot Wheels showcase several generations of the famed car. I have 6 Hot Wheels Corvettes, and they were all manufactured between the 1970s – 1990s. They depict cars from the 1st through 4th Generation of Corvettes, C1 to C4. Most of the cars in this video are rather mundane, and are not particularly valuable to collectors. Five of them are quite normal cars, and are pretty much what one would expect, but one of them is an oddity. The last car is a Hot Wheels Mystery.


I have studied the Corvette history extensively, as well as that of many other forms of transportation, and this one does not seem to match what I expected to find. Any Hot Wheels experts out there may know how to solve the mystery in the video, but I am at a loss. Can anyone help solve this Hot Wheels Mystery? Watch the video above, then check out the photos below to help solve the mystery. Any comments here or on YouTube would be most appreciated, because I am at a loss for what is going on with this one. Contact me if you would prefer, and perhaps we can solve this mystery, but for now this is one for the record books.

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