2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept Car

2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept Car

Most gearheads are already well aware of the fabled, 645 horsepower Dodge Viper. The Viper is the stuff of legends, and rightfully so. However, the Viper ended production in 2017, leaving a gap in the portfolio over at Mopar. The 2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept Car was supposed to fill that gap, but never did. Read on to find out why!


In 2005, Dodge was already aware that the Viper had an expiration date, and was thinking about its replacement. One of the problems that plagued the Viper was that it was not all that street friendly, and was really just a racecar with a license plate. This scared away many buyers, who opted instead for the more driver-friendly Corvette, which was also a bit lower in price.

A Plan Emerged

Chrysler cooked up a plan to essentially use the Viper as a platform for building their more street-friendly, ,and more budget-friendly, 2005 Chrysler Firepower. This car  had all the goodies you would expect , as it was built on the Viper frame. It borrowed a lot of parts from the Viper as well, including the SRT 6.1L Hemi V8 Viper engine, fuel system, emission accessories, axle and suspension. They also included lower-cost brakes and softer suspension tuning. What was different, however, was the use of a large sedan automatic transmission. The idea was this would be more comfortable for commuters and daily drivers.

Goals for the 2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept Car

The goal was to sell 45,000 units each year, and with a price of about $65,000, which is similar to Corvette production and pricing. Horsepower, torque, and top speed were also similar to that of the Corvette. This was obviously meant to be a competitor for those buyers. This was an aggressive move on their part, as the Corvette has a loyal following that has been around for decades. The idea was to grab some of those customers and get them into a Mopar brand.


The concept car was obviously a good looking car with great performance to match, but the Chrysler Firepower Concept Car was too expensive to produce. The concept alone reportedly took 20,000 man hours to build. The cost was between $1,2 and $3,2 million US dollars to build, so it was obviously pretty expensive. They went as far as building some full bodies and working on some prototypes, but the budget was pulled before they were able to continue. The engineering team was told to pull the project, and it was scrapped.

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  1. Tim Harlow – I own an investment advisory firm, TH Financial. My passions are the outdoors, photography (mainly landscapes and abstracts), and cars.
    Tim Harlow says:

    Thanks for the very informative article. Being an avid Mopar fan, I had never heard of the Chrysler Firepower. Interesting read. Too bad it never happened. In those days Chrysler was also dealing with the Diambler Benz suits.

    1. Thanks Tim! I agree – this one SHOULD have been built!

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